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Zesy Bar

more than a gadget:
an ally for
the business

  for successful promotional campaigns  

Promotional Products Companies

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the triad: design, durability and distinction

The first brandable eco-friendly gadget station for bars and events.

Goodbye to standard and already seen gadgets.
Goodbye to difficult and complicated assemblies.
Goodbye to monotony.
Goodbye to compromises.

The era of traditional gadgets is over. Rewrite the way your customers think about the bar. Whether for a brand promotion, an event or a trade fair, offer an innovative product. Revolutionise your business and your customer's business.

Be a game-changer, discover how to gain more trust, stand out and make your customer satisfied with Zesy Bar.


How merchandising and gadget agencies use

Zesy Bar?

Merchandising and gadget agencies use Zesy Bar in innovative and strategic ways for win-win partnerships with customers.

Use Zesy Bar:

  • to customise and brand each customer brand directly on the cocktail station.

  • for events, product launches, trade fairs, corporate events. Ensure maximum visibility.

  • to keep your customers coming back to you. A short-lived gadget guarantees frequent repurchases.

  • for simplified logistics and use in a variety of locations, from indoor to open-air. A versatile gadget.

Zesy Bar is the perfect ally for innovative, sustainable and high-impact solutions. Promotion and branding opportunities are endless.


The design of the Zesy Bar has been patented given its unique engineering assembly system and unique features.

Made in Italy materials

From the eco-friendly materials to the entire structure, our design team has studied Zesy Bar down to the last detail. The perfect fusion of craftsmanship and innovation.


Offer a successful gadget that is easy and simple to use. Your customers will be satisfied and you will increase your credibility and reliability.

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strengthen your distribution network.

Guarantee a reliable and secure product with Zesy. Promote the image, visibility and sales of your customers' companies. With Zesy Bar you offer a product that can be disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner after several uses.
Thus you guarantee that the customer will come back to you for more.

Reinvent the industry and the business. Increase performance.

Zesy Bar is a transportable Cocktail Station that we can customise according to your quantities.



promotional products companies

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Zesy Bar

Retain customers

Offer a product that is not expected as a gadget. Its high demand and short duration will guarantee you recurring sales.

Goodbye customisation limits

Forget poor quality stickers. Print your style and creativity directly onto the surface of the Zesy Bar. Showcase your customer's brand.

Reliability and satisfaction

Made in Italy quality combined with avant-garde thinking make Zesy Bar unique.

Logistical optimisation

Thanks to its intelligent design and packaging, Zesy Bar is easy and intuitive to use, store and transport. No more wasted time.

Zesy Bar


Eco-friendly Cocktail Station 100 cm




*The cocktail station can be used for an average of 2-3 times before being ruined, but the duration depends on the intensity of use.

Zesy Bar


Eco-chic Cocktail station 100 cm




*The cocktail station can be used for an average of 10 times before being ruined, but the duration depends on the intensity of use.

But how long does it last

Zesy Bar?

Whether it's a weekend or a lifetime the lifespan of Zesy Bar depends on how much you use it. Zesy lasts as long as you need it, everything is in your hands!

you leave your mark.

Become inimitable.


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   + GIFTS   

Enhance your personality and your work, Zesy allows you to stand out.


Discover exclusive offers dedicated to you, with advantageous and competitive prices, unique customisations and proposals for large quantities.

Zesy Bar

why does it matter?

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With Zesy you have the opportunity to bring your client's brand to life like never before. Propose a coherent and scenic corporate image for events, product launches, trade fairs, corporate events and premium beverage gadgets. Ensure maximum visibility indoors and outdoors. Dazzle!

Offer a sun-resistant, durable and scratch-resistant print that is far more advanced than the simple stickers you usually offer. We can customise it or you can do it yourself.

You and your customer have the choice: they can opt for the durable Zesy Bar in Plastic, ideal for 10 uses, or the Zesy Bar in Cardboard, perfect for 2-3 uses.

Not only that. Thanks to its dimensions, Zesy adapts to any context; and if you want an amplified effect, place several stations side by side and create a modular bar counter that is easy to transport and dismantle.

Print & Fit:
Your Brand on Display

advanced aesthetics


Be surprised by the design of the Zesy Bar: unique, avant-garde and far from traditional.

Its simple geometric shapes and neutral colours are the ideal basis for customised prints. Every component and detail has been designed for stability and durability. Conceived by our top designers, the innovative engineering triangular interlocking system offers not only surprising strength, holding up to 80 kg, but also quick and easy assembly; using the Zesy Bar is simply intuitive.

Perfect for both indoors and outdoors, Zesy Bar not only fits, it becomes the star.

Do you want to follow trends or dictate them? With Zesy, the choice is yours.

Zesy Bar is a promotional gadget that fits to your marketing strategy.

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Zesy offers incredible value for money but always aims for excellence and to be first.

Every detail is designed to make your experience enjoyable. We personally take care of quality.

Simple, yet durable and Made in Italy materials ensure superior strength and performance compared to traditional metal and obsolete cocktail stations.

Another innovation? The packaging. Designed to optimise space and safety, it transforms the packaging into a practical bag, facilitating shipping, storage and transport.

What's more, ecology has never been more fashionable: Zesy Bar is the only disposable and brandable cocktail station that is completely eco-friendly.

Speed, time and quality will no longer be an issue with Zesy Bar.

Why only

one bar

Is never enough

A bigger mobile bar?

More space? More style?

Bring your event to life!

bar mobile.png


Zesy Bar stations of 100 cm each can be combined and customised to create an extended bar area. Place them side by side to create a large, modular bar of 200 cm, 300 cm, 400 cm and so on.


Unleash your creativity, play with configurations and space to impress your customers. Place the Zesy Bar in any space without worrying about it being suitable for any event.


An unprecedented bar experience!


Zesy Bar

Your image.
Your style.

Print it!

Print your brand* or graphics directly on the surface of the mobile bar. Zesy Bar is not just a product, but a marketing tool.


Discover how easy it is to stand out from the crowd and increase profits with eye-catching designs.

*With a minimum number Zesy Bar can be printed in the colour and with the graphics you want