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The OBJECTIVE is to revolutionise

Born out of the need to revolutionise the world of events and bartending. Zesy Bar is a response to the changing needs of the events industry.

We have reinvented the art of serving drinks with a ready-to-use station, eliminating the chaos of complex instructions and high rental costs. Our versatile, modular design fits perfectly into any environment, making it possible to create your own bar area in just 10 minutes.


In addition to functionality, Zesy bar is an emblem of sustainability and ecological responsibility.


With us, from zero to party has never been so quick and easy.

  The reason?  
  • Be the first in the industry

  • Eliminate the stress of rental

  • No fatigue in assembly 

  • Halve lead time

  • Increase performance


The Art of Cocktail is Reinvented!

Italian excellence in cocktail serving: two philosophies, same passion.

Station Deus is the trusted name when it comes to bar stations for professional bartenders, designed to last and perform. High-quality materials such as Aluminum and Stainless Steel combine to create lightweight, sturdy, and easily transportable stations, embodying Italian craftsmanship. And now, from the same expertise and philosophy, comes Zesy: the innovative answer to the contemporary needs of those looking for quick, affordable, and sustainable solutions, without compromising on quality.


Both with Station Deus and Zesy, the bartender's performance is at the heart of everything. While Station Deus' durability makes a statement and impresses, Zesy eliminates inconvenient rentals with disposable stations at competitive prices.

Two different approaches, but a unique guarantee of quality and professionalism.

Our Values

Zesy Bar


Zesy is the pioneer of sustainable innovation in the bar world, combining avant-garde vision and care for the environment to not only follow, but dictate trends. Zesy bar is here to reinvent the way you serve drinks, and lead the industry to new horizons.


Zesy synthesises Italian design excellence in every detail, reinventing the bar station experience with stability, durability, innovation and performance. Not just the first disposable bar station, but an entirely new bar station experience.


In a world where uniformity is the norm, Zesy boldly chooses the path of distinction. Having a clear and unique identity is essential to stand out and also reflects the essence of our clients who seek innovative and customized solutions. The key to our success is to differentiate ourselves.



Zesy is the symbol of authentic Made in Italy.

With strictly Italian materials and meticulously crafted design, every detail speaks of our dedication to quality.


Our revolutionary interlocking system allows for quick assembly, while the simple yet versatile aesthetics reflect the product's adaptability in every context and environment, down to the smart packaging.


Passion and craftsmanship mark every facet of Zesy, representing Italian excellence in every component.

The Art of Serving with Style! Revolutionise your Event with

Zesy Bar

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A TOAST to OUR planet

Zesy Bar

  ##Did you know?  

Every Zesy is a step towards a greener future. Thanks to its construction from 100% Made in Italy recyclable materials, it not only offers a practical solution for your events, but also ensures minimal environmental impact.

Zesy Plastic Bar 10 Uses Zesy.

Cardboard Bar 2-3 Uses.


Dispose Zesy. It will be recycled and you will help the environment.

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Zesy Bar


  2-3 uses  

Easy to assemble, easy to use, easy to transport and easy to recycle: Learn more about Zesy Cardboard Bar...

Choose the RIGHT bar station for you!

Zesy Bar is more than a portable and transportable cocktail station.

Discover the Bar Stations that will revolutionise your events!

Zesy Bar




plastica_chi siamo.png
Zesy Bar


  PER 10 utilizzi  

Easy to clean, scratchproof and does not absorb water. Suitable for festivals and garden events. Learn more about Zesy Plastic Bar...


Reselling has never been easier!

10. 100. 1000.


For beverage distributors and manufacturers, retailers and event organisers.


Discover exclusive offers*, customisations and competitive prices dedicated to you. Stand out from the crowd and take your business to the next level.




* Sale of Bar Stations in large quantities.

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Zesy Bar


Behind every drink, a story



I am happy with the Zesy Bar station I purchased! Nothing to say about the shipment, very fast

Rebecca Costanzo



Excellent product and packaging

Ordered and delivered in three days, right on time! Compact packaging and easily transportable by a single person. The assembly of the station was simple, following the instructions provided inside the packaging.
For me, as a novice enthusiast, the cardboard station is the perfect solution to start studying, trying and trying and trying. The size of the station allows you to install it anywhere and take it anywhere.

Simona Perissinotto



Excellent Cardboard Solution

Very nice, practical and easy to assemble. A perfect solution to replace the rental of a Station for an event

Nicola Peano


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