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Zesy Bar

your new
OF success

  revolutionise the way you do business  

DISTRIBUTORS of beverages

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The first disposable Cocktail Station,

at the cost of a rental!

Goodbye rentals.

Goodbye transport.

Goodbye deposits.

Goodbye destroyed bar stations.

Explore a world of possibilities with Zesy Bar, the first disposable cocktail station that revolutionises the way you do business.

Discover a unique product that fuses innovation, sustainability and eye-catching design, ready to grab attention at any event!



Zesy Bar?

Zesy enhances every aspect of your business and catapults you to the top of the industry. It is important to stand out in order to have a competitive advantage in the beverage distributor market.

Use Zesy Bars:

  • instead of renting traditional Cocktail Stations.

  • as a gadget for your loyal customers.

  • as a gift for new customers to bring them closer to your brand.

  • to create your own demonstration bar area at trade fairs and events. Exhibit your novelty drinks.

The result will be scenic and attention-grabbing. Originality is not for everyone!



Zesy Bar offers customised sun-resistant and scratch-resistant printing, allowing you to be visible and instantly recognised at any event or location.



The eco-friendly nature of Zesy Bar highlights a commitment to sustainability, positioning your brand at the forefront of the industry and responding to growing consumer demand for eco-friendly solutions.



With a modular design that fits into any environment, Zesy is the ideal solution for exclusive events, promotions or product launches, always offering a premium experience to your consumers and customers.

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The cutting edge of bartending encapsulated in a brandable, eco-friendly gadget station.


Unparalleled simplicity, ease and portability. Reinvents the industry and the business. Increase performance.

Offer a high-quality, innovative product unrivalled in the market.



dIStributors of beverages

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Zesy Bar

Zero financial constraints

With Zesy you avoid high costs, deposits or rental hassles.

Goodbye customisation limits

Forget poor quality stickers. Print your style and creativity directly onto the surface of the Zesy Bar. Showcase your brand.

Always Innovative

While the competition is not keeping up with the times, with Zesy Bar you are always one step ahead. Create a competitive advantage.

For your brand

Customise Zesy Bar with your brand logo, your customers' logo or both. The decision is yours. Get recognised!

Zesy Bar


Eco-friendly Cocktail Station 100 cm




*The cocktail station can be used for an average of 2-3 times before being ruined, but the duration depends on the intensity of use.

Zesy Bar


Eco-chic Cocktail station 100 cm




*The cocktail station can be used for an average of 10 times before being ruined, but the duration depends on the intensity of use.

But how long does it last

Zesy Bar?

Whether it's a weekend or a lifetime the lifespan of Zesy Bar depends on how much you use it. Zesy lasts as long as you need it, everything is in your hands!

you leave your mark.

Become inimitable.


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  BOX Zesy BAR
   + GIFTS   

In a world full of leasehold agreements, Zesy Bar allows you to stand out.

Discover exclusive offers tailored for you, with advantageous and competitive prices, unique customizations, and proposals for large quantities.

Zesy Bar

why does it pay off?

distributore bevande_1.png

reduce stress


Zesy Bar is an elegant yet practical option: it arrives ready to use, no complicated assembly, and no wasted time. Offer your customers a Zesy Bar instead of a traditional cocktail station.


It will cost you the same, but you'll avoid expensive transport, repair, and extra charges. You'll offer your customers a completely new product customizable with their logo. Plus, no need for deposits. The customer can use the mobile bar for 10 uses (Plastic version) or 2-3 uses (Cardboard version) and then dispose of it eco-sustainably.


They will return to you whenever they want another. Gift a Zesy Bar to your customers, build loyalty, and establish a strategic relationship with them. Every time they use the mobile bar, they'll remember your gesture and inevitably the quality of your products. Trigger a relationship of collaboration and loyalty.

No more assistance!

No more loaner!


  No more second  

Zesy is the ideal ally for beverage distributors, helping your business and brand stand out. This cocktail station offers unprecedented visibility for your clients and their events.


Zesy Bar allows you to print your or your client's graphics directly on the surface. Customize it to best suit your brand or your clients'. Your brand's aesthetic on this mobile bar will become a powerful marketing tool for recognition and impact.


This customization gives you an invaluable competitive edge. Don't miss the chance to stand out, differentiate with style, and excel in your field.

Zesy Bar is the secret weapon for your marketing strategy.

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Intro product.png

a reason to choose you

  End mediocrity  

Zesy is for those who never settle but always aim for excellence and to be first.


Zesy Bar is made with top-quality Made in Italy and eco-friendly materials; designed for easy disposal, it embodies a green and responsible philosophy towards the environment.


Every detail is crafted to make your experience enjoyable. No laborious maintenance, no complicated assemblies, and no waste of time. Focus on what really matters: your business and your clients.


Zesy is the ideal ally for beverage producers and wholesalers who want a strong, contemporary, and conscious brand.

Your ally for success.

Become the protagonist.

Why only

one bar

Is never enough

A bigger mobile bar?

More space? More style?

Bring your event to life!

bar mobile.png


Zesy Bar stations of 100 cm each can be combined and customised to create an extended bar area. Place them side by side to create a large, modular bar of 200 cm, 300 cm, 400 cm and so on.


Unleash your creativity, play with configurations and space to impress your customers. Place the Zesy Bar in any space without worrying about it being suitable for any event.


An unprecedented bar experience!


Zesy Bar

Your image.
Your style.

Print it!

Print your brand* or graphics directly on the surface of the mobile bar. Zesy Bar is not just a product, but a marketing tool.


Discover how easy it is to stand out from the crowd and increase profits with eye-catching designs.

*With a minimum number Zesy Bar can be printed in the colour and with the graphics you want