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Zesy Bar

give an innovative gadget to your customers


Beverage producer

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Zesy is the first brandable bar and gadget station to promote your brand.

Create a consistent brand identity.

Promote your brand stress-free.

Focus on your business.

Engage and retain your customers.

Goodbye to boring, traditional gadgets.

Move beyond branded bar mats and bartender tools. They're promotional products that have been seen and surpassed. Gift the truly useful and functional product of your target market: a cocktail bar station. With Zesy Bar, you offer an exclusive, innovative product that's easy to assemble, disassemble, and fully customizable with your graphics.


Strengthen your relationship with beverage wholesalers by creating a solid and lasting connection through temporary bar stations.


How the
beverage producers

Zesy Bar?

Win over your customers with Zesy Bar, an innovative and simple product that sponsors your drink. Increase your visibility in the market, stand out and earn the gratitude of your customers.

Use Zesy Bar:

  • instead of proposing barmats and bartending tools to your customers. This gadget is now out of fashion

  • to retain your customers. Give a truly useful product to a bartender as a Zesy Bar gadget

  • limited editions, making them collectors' items or exclusive prizes for competitions

  • impress with scenic showcases and exhibit your drink at trade fairs. Put yourself on display!

  • for your promotional events

Your drink needs a podium on which to shine and shine at every occasion: fairs, parties and events of all kinds.


Zesy offers customised sun-resistant and scratch-resistant prints, allowing you to be visible and instantly recognised at any event or location.


The eco-friendly nature of Zesy Bar highlights a commitment to sustainability, positioning your brand at the forefront of the industry and responding to growing consumer demands for environmentally friendly solutions.


With a modular design that fits into any environment, Zesy Bar is the ideal solution for exclusive events, promotions or product launches, always offering a premium experience to your consumers and customers.

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Innovation in gadgets and events!

Patented, brandable and eco-friendly Cocktail bar station.


Zesy Bar with its unique design and advanced functionality shows your brand is in step with the times, anticipating trends rather than following them.

A short-lived Cocktail Station at the cost of a gadget, suitable for the target group to which you sell and propose your drinks.

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the producers of beverages

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Zesy Bar

Winning strategy

By choosing Zesy Bar, you ensure an irresistible product that retains old customers and attracts new ones, maximising your sales.

Values in line with the brand

Zesy Bar's attention to detail, quality materials and ingenious design reflect a commitment to excellence, an added value for your brand.

Focus on your business

Promote your brand, interact with your audience and customers. Zesy is a new and creative way to represent and demonstrate who you are!

Reliability and usefulness

With Zesy Bar you offer a high-quality Made in Italy, exclusive and inimitable useful gadget. Represent your style with a product suitable for everyone.

Zesy Bar


Eco-friendly Cocktail Station 100 cm




*The cocktail station can be used for an average of 2-3 times before being ruined, but the duration depends on the intensity of use.

Zesy Bar


Eco-chic Cocktail station 100 cm




*The cocktail station can be used for an average of 10 times before being ruined, but the duration depends on the intensity of use.

But how long does it last

Zesy Bar?

Whether it's a weekend or a lifetime the lifespan of Zesy Bar depends on how much you use it. Zesy lasts as long as you need it, everything is in your hands!

you leave your mark.

Become inimitable.


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   + GIFTS   

Enhance your personality and your work, Zesy allows you to stand out.


Discover exclusive offers dedicated to you, with advantageous and competitive prices, unique customisations and proposals for large quantities.

Zesy Bar

why does
it pay off?

produttori bevande_1.png

the power of branding.

  stand out  

In the sea of traditional gadgets, Zesy stands out: the only disposable, brandable bar station in the world. Leave behind custom bar mats and conventional bartender tools, and give a useful gadget that offers an exclusive podium for your brand.


Print your brand and graphics directly on the cocktail station, with sun-resistant and scratch-proof custom prints, making your brand unmistakable. Customize the cocktail station for use at your event or as a gadget for your clients, ensuring visibility is no longer a problem. Steal the show.


Promote without stress and focus energy on what matters most: your business and your customers. Engage and let Zesy Bar handle your promotion, offering an exclusive, appealing, and functionally practical gadget for your target's work.


isposable bar stations are not eternal; their lifespan varies with use. But this is an advantage, thanks to the eco-friendly properties, your clients will dispose of the bar station themselves and contact you for another order.

Traditional gadget

sponsorship abounds.

Be good to the environment.

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Stay ahead of trends with a revolutionary product, because in a world where innovation is key, Zesy positions itself as a leader. With its patented and eco-sustainable design, it places your brand at the forefront of revolutionary bar stations. Simple, unique, and easy to use. Accessible to everyone!


Always ensure you're a step ahead of your competitors.


Eco-friendly and fashionable are not contradictory; Zesy Bar's sustainable nature signifies a commitment not only to your business but also to the planet. Present yourself as a pioneer in the industry, meeting the demands of modern consumers seeking ecological and responsible solutions. Leverage these features to your advantage.

You are the star.

Zesy Bar helps you steal the show!

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premium exclusivity


Zesy Bar is the choice for beverage producers aiming for excellence and wanting to stay a step ahead of their competitors.


Whether planning a product launch or an exclusive event, Zesy is your secret weapon for a premium experience at a competitive price, offering unparalleled value for money. With customizable limited editions, you can provide your customers with a unique experience, turning them into brand ambassadors. From trade shows to parties, always be prepared. With its modular and adaptable design, Zesy Bar is the ideal solution for any situation. Whether you want to impress with theatrical showcases or display your beverage at a fair, this mobile bar allows you to always present your best.


With such an exclusive and functional gadget, your customers' gratitude is guaranteed.

Retain and win the gratitude

of your customers!

Why only

one bar

Is never enough

A bigger mobile bar?

More space? More style?

Bring your event to life!

bar mobile.png


Zesy Bar stations of 100 cm each can be combined and customised to create an extended bar area. Place them side by side to create a large, modular bar of 200 cm, 300 cm, 400 cm and so on.


Unleash your creativity, play with configurations and space to impress your customers. Place the Zesy Bar in any space without worrying about it being suitable for any event.


An unprecedented bar experience!


Zesy Bar

Your image.
Your style.

Print it!

Print your brand* or graphics directly on the surface of the mobile bar. Zesy Bar is not just a product, but a marketing tool.


Discover how easy it is to stand out from the crowd and increase profits with eye-catching designs.

*With a minimum number Zesy Bar can be printed in the colour and with the graphics you want